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Java Hosting
Services Overview
Java Web Hosting

We are the pioneers in Cpanel based Java and application hosting services. We have thousands of applications hosted on our servers. We know what we are doing, we host small Java applications ranging from few pages to multi-server large scalable deployments. We invest in the best hardware to ensure your JSP hosting service is running on the best of breed hardware and software. Our Java hosting plans include shared tomcat, private tomcat, private Jetty and private JBOSS with Php activated in all the accounts.
VPS & Dedicated Servers offers a wide range of servers from Budget Servers, all the way up to Enterprise servers based on your custom requirements. Whether you need a server for mission critical operations or testing purposes we can provide a solution which meets your requirements. We specialize in providing custom built solutions, including control panels like Cpanel/DirectAdmin/Plesk, high availability clusters and hosting high traffic web sites.
Server Management

We offer server managment for externally hosted servers. If you prefer to host the website in another datacenter and needs technical assistance to manage it, we would assist you. We do 24/7 technical support, and one-time server managment which includes Data Recovery, Hacked Server Analysis & Recovery, Server Migration & Software Installations.
Domain Registration and SSL Certificates

We recommend you to keep the domain name and hosting with us, for ease of management. If the domain is registered elsewhere, it could be transfered to us. Also, we offer SSL registration and installation for all of our customers. SSL's are vital for eCommerce websites with secure checkouts. Site owners find that it is not easy to purchase and install SSL Certificates and that is where can automate the entire process.